Llançà Port Escappe

Hello! My name is Marc

Hello! My name is Marc, and I have been called by Project TRAMA to investigate a series of clues that have appeared in Llançà and that seem to be related to the LOBO Corporation.

LOBO Corporation is the name given today to the followers of the LOBO Doctrine. The LOBOs work hard to destroy everything that unites a people, everything that helps to make them stronger. They want to weaken people and keep them submissive to their hidden power.

There are no writings of the LOBO Corporation. Any written or recorded word has to have been codified before. The most important thing for them is that it is impossible to find traces of their existence. You won't know who you're fighting against if you don't know who they are. But thanks to the work of the collaborators of Project TRAMA, and thanks to you helping us with this experience of collective intelligence, little by little, we have more and more information about them, and we know how they work.

In the past, the LOBOs hardly knew each other. They only interacted with some of their neighbors or participated in secret meetings. But they did have a series of codes that made it possible to find other acolytes in case of need, or when they travelled.

Now, we believe we have found signs of their existence here, in the Port de Llançà


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