Llançà Vila Escappe

Meet María de los Ángeles:

Maria dels Àngels, a collaborator of PROJECT TRAMA, has found a cipher painting of the LOBO CORPORATION in the town of Llançà. This means that they are probably planning an imminent attack.

As you know, The followers of the LOBO doctrine want to destroy everything that makes us unite, everything that makes us strong. In this way, they make us dependent on their secret power.

Maria dels Àngels has been collecting a series of mysterious codes for some time and has been putting them together for collective intelligence studies. But this latest find looks like it could be the key to solving all the previous ones.

We need your help and your perspective to solve the problem. We need to find out what all these clues have in common and discover what they are planning to attack.

Our collaborator has left us the cipher chart and some notes at the Tourist Office.

Can you help us?

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