Llançà Vila Escappe

At the Tourist Office, they have something.

Maria dels Àngels has found many indications of the presence of the LOBO's in the town of Llançà.

They correspond to different periods of history and show that there have been followers of this dangerous doctrine for many years.

A common characteristic of this doctrine is that they do not leave any writing of the LOBO Corporation.

Any written or recorded word must have been previously codified. It is impossible to find any trace of their existence, which is the most important thing for them.

Thanks to the work of Mrs. Maria dels Àngels and yours, we now have more and more information about them. This is the greatness of the TRAMA PROJECT.

We need to go to the Tourist Office of Llançà. There she left us a replica of the cipher painting she had found. Should we pick it up to start the investigation?


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